18 September

Joie De Vivre!

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After a little time off from blogging, I’m now overwhelmed about what to blog about.
Having been so busy over the Summer months with wine cellars, bespoke bedrooms, exotic wood tables and furniture galore; with piano finishes and the use of the most beautiful wood, it is a conundrum. 
Worse still just as I have got used to Summer, we are now booking in work before Winter settles in.  I would love to come up with a Bon Mot (witty remark) about our work and the weather and, as you can tell, I have been prone to looking at the French language for some inspiration.
The best I can do, for now, is Joie de vivre - A feeling of healthy enjoyment of life; exuberance and high spirits. 
What else is there besides our health and the enjoyment we obtain from life?  I believe that a beautiful home can help towards creating such a feeling of exuberance, and I know we can help create yours...


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